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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Idea - GPS Enabled Gun Safety Lock

So I haven't posted any of my thoughts on the recent shooting at Sandy Hook or any of my thoughts on Gun Control as of yet. Mostly because I am tired of seeing rows and rows of posts on Facebook that only make a statement or complaint, no real proposed solutions that weren't going completely over the left wall or the right wall. It even looks as though people are afraid the Government will try to use this to take away our weapons. So I set out on a thought experiment that would allow us our rights to bear arms, while allowing us the ability to track and disable weapons if a situation arises, so this is one of the solutions I came up with, GPS enabled electronic safety lock for guns.

In this experiment, we were given a good period of time to replace most weapons on the market with ones that included an electronic safety lock. The way this works is by pushing the button, and waiting till it turns red, then you can shoot.

The Logic:
When the button is pressed, the unit sends a unique identifier and GPS coordinates through GPRS, and awaits a simple confirm or deny message. this can happen as quickly as it takes to check the time on your cellphone, so 1-2 seconds.

In some locations, the weapon would be automatically given a denied response if your weapons identifier is not authorized for that area, like Government buildings, schools, malls, etc. Other places would be given an automatic confirmation, like rural areas during hunting season, or shooting ranges, etc. The point is to allow as much freedom with your weapons as possible, but allow the ability to provide a kill-switch if needed.