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Thursday, April 26, 2012

IDEA - 3D Printed Business Cards

So I have been working on getting a new business card design put together, and I took a different road this time. Instead of starting with the usual PS, or Paint.NET, I started with Cinema 4D, and made my design into a model. This 3D Model can now be made in a 3D Printer. Now the benefit to this is that it has texture, it is sturdy, and it is very appealing to the eyes.

The purpose of this form factor is for advertising my mobile app skillz, I wanted to pick something that would scream that on sight. After pricing it all out using a two step method, it will come to about $4.00 a card or just over. This just means that I get to start off with a cardboard knockoff ;)
I am working on a few more ideas like this one, so I will keep you posted.