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Friday, September 25, 2015

Idea - Modular Powered Gadgets

This is one of my more recent ideas that I came up with. I was tired of events where I had to rely on battery powered gadgets, just to find out that there was no power, and no more batteries in the junk drawer, so I thought of a modular system that would allow me to see the battery level, as well as be compatible with new battery technologies in the future.
Upon also realizing the harsh reality of my ongoing economic state, I have decided to share this one with no attempts at trying to claim dibs on the idea. So here is a decent idea for any techno gurus out there with the capital to make it happen :)

The system is meant to be packaged as a pack of three battery packs, a charger, and one module of the users choice. The modules could be almost anything really, a video camera, flashlight, fan, microphone with recorder, USB charger, and many more possible modules could also be used. I just left a couple here to give the idea out.

I don't think it was a "ground breaking" idea, but it was decent enough to sketch it out at the time :) Enjoy!