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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Setting up a new build environment for Android

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So the past week, I have installed about a dozen different Linux distros on my HP x360 in order to be able to build Android ROM's from source. Most of them work out of the box, but only a few came with support for the touchscreen. So that limited my selections to variants of Ubuntu 14.10. From those, I found the Unity and Gnome distros to be the best. Builduntu 1.2 was able to build from the Blissrom repos with only updating to OpenJDK 7, but the problem was no touchscreen :(

So after settling with Ubuntu GNOME 14.10, I set out to automate the setup of a decent build environment with minimal effort while I continue to test out different repos. I started with @rharshit script since it was recently updated, and I modified it quite a bit. So now I share my result with you all :)

Some things you should know first:
  • I will be updating these over time to only apply to 64 bit systems. 
  • I will be adding to this to make it a relevant as possible for Lollipop development
  • I will not tie it down to one repo source. That is all you. 
  • I would be happy if you find a way to thank me for my work.