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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Windows 10, build 9926: Get through setup and windows update on Surface Pro 3

I like many others out there have found that the new release of Windows 10, is not as easy as M$ makes it sound when applying it to the new Surface Pro 3. Many users have reported that the screen constantly crashes and it restarts often. I too had these same issues, but I also found a temporary workaround that allowed me to continue using it and apply the updates and hardware fixes through Windows Update.
The trick here is to only leave the screen on for 5-10 seconds at a time. At least for me, it seemed that the Surface Pro 3's screen would start to flicker and blank out after 10-15 seconds on on time. So when you start up the update, and install it, it will mostly work fine until you actually get to the Desktop. Once there, tap the power button and count to 5. Then turn it back on, unlock it, and hit the start button. Then type in Windows Update, and then hit the power button. If you are not quick enough, the screen will start to blank out. If this happens, hit the power button as soon as it happens, because this function will override the systems want to re-enable the screen. Turn it back on, unlock, and select the Windows Update app on the search list. Once that starts, Check for Updates and install all hardware / software updates available. Throughout this process, I did turn the device off every 10 seconds, for 5 second intervals. Once Update was complete, the device restarted, and I repeated the process again to make sure it now grabbed the hardware fix through Windows Update. Constantly putting it to sleep and then waking it again in order to complete the process without rebooting.
Once it was all said and done, my Surface Pro 3 has been issue free on the latest 9926 build. Hope my post has helped out your journey as well :)